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Successful Meal Prep: Tip #3

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Tip #3 : Invest in Meal Prep Necessities 🍽🥣🧂

Investing in the right equipment like sheet pans, baking dishes, pots, pans and meal prep containers will help make meal prepping fast and easy. Crockpots tend to be a lifesaver to make easy meals hassle-free. (Check out my Instagram highlights for some of my favorite crock pot recipes!)


Stock up on meal prep staples and quick go-to items to help ease your prep and cut down on time. Pre-cooked rice (TJ’s 3 min frozen rice for the win! 🍚)or quinoa makes for quicker cooking and no pot to wash, and seafood such as frozen shrimp or salmon defrosts quickly. Other items to have in bulk to speed up the process are plain oats, canned beans or other canned/frozen vegetables and fruits. These require very limited cooking. Salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil are excellent staples to flavor food!

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