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Building A Performance Plate: Hard Day

3/3 A hard day performance plate means AT LEAST 2 workouts/training sessions that are relatively hard OR game day/ competition. So this would be a weightlifting meet / race or two pretty intense workouts.

So what does a hard day plate look like?? You guessed it color, carbs and protein!!! A hard day performance plate is going to look a little different from an easy or moderate day plate because it has more CARBS! A hard day plate is going to look like:


1/4 of the plate color🥝🌽🥬🍇🍉🥕

1/2 of the plate carbs🍠🥐🥞🥯🍚

1/4 the plate protein🍖🧆🥛🍳🥓🥩

Make sure you are also drinking lots of fluids... this doesn’t just have to be water, some sports drinks and even fruit and milk can be great sources of fluids as well. 🍉🥛Throw in an extra serving of fat and boom 💥 you have a hard day plate.🥑


Basically on a hard day, EAT ALL THE FOOD. Even if it doesn’t look exactly like this, thats ok! Just try and get as much in as you can.

Please keep in mind that all of these plates are guidelines and some of this information will be more beneficial to some than others. Make sure you contact a sports dietitian, like me, to help you with any questions or concerns you might have!

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