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Building A Healthy Snack

Having trouble coming up with snack ideas or unsure of what to eat in between your main meals? Look below to see some ideas!

I love snacks, sometimes more than my main meals because there are SO many possibilities that fit all types of fueling plans. When done right, snacks can really help control cravings and give us energy to make it through the day.


So how do we build a healthy snack? First we start with a complex carbohydrate --- something that usually has fiber --- 🍎🥦🥔🍞and pair it with a protein 🥚🍗🧀. This combo will help fuel us throughout the day, keep us fuller for longer, and will help regulate our blood sugar (keep it from spiking).

Healthy fats are definitely an important part of our diet as well, but most carb/protein combos will provide us with healthy fats as well (ex: berries and nuts --you will get both protein and healthy fats from the nuts!) 🍓🥜


What are your favorite snack pairings??⠀⠀⠀⠀

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